Namco Bandai targets Sega HQ with Pac-Man PR stunt, security shuts it down

Namco Bandai invaded Sega’s HQ this week in an effort to promote Pac-Man.

The character is set to make a comeback this year with Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. And so the firm decided to project an image the titular character onto Sega’s headquarters in Chiswick, West London. It’s because Pac-Man and Sonic are old friends… see.

The stunt lasted a mere five minutes, however. Security guards shut down the projection after being alerted by local authorities.

We wanted to be cheeky, create some fun, but obviously do it quietly. Something that’s hard to do in the games industry, but slightly easier at midnight. We hope Sega aren’t offended, more delighted,” said Lee Kirton PR and marketing director Bandai Namco Games UK.

Check out some pictures from the stunt below:

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