Namco conjures up £500k The Witcher 2 campaign

The Witcher 2 will launch on 360 with the help of a 500,000 marketing push.

Ads will run in games magazines including double-page spreads and four-page inserts up to mid-May, as well as a flipper cover and first review in OXM. An online campaign will include homepage takeovers and banners running until the end of April.

There will also be Xbox Live promotions and pre-roll ads appearing on YouTube and video-on-demand channels.

More than a half million pounds is being invested on the campaign overall and we will have a very heavy focus at retail for this time of year,” Namco Bandai’s marketing and PR director Lee Kirton told MCV.

We will be everywhere online leading up to launch. It’s perfect timing for release with a brilliant window post Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim.”

The standard game, day-one Enhanced Edition and Dark Edition will arrive on Tuesday, April 17th.

The pre-orders are doing really well – the Dark Edition has sold out,” added Kirton. We have extremely high hopes for the future of this title and it’s a competitor for the best in its world.”

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