NASCAR euro release takes pole position on PSN

The NASCAR game DOES have a European audience, as the game holds the top spot of the PSN charts for two weeks.

Publisher Activision opted against releasing the boxed game in Europe as it is primarily a US racing brand.

But fans lobbied the game’s developer, Brit studio Eutechnyx, for a European release, and it launched on PSN this month.

The weekly PSN European chart can only be found every week in MCV Magazine.

NASCAR fans have been very vocal in calling for a European release of NASCAR 2011 The Game, so it has been a real pleasure for us to be able to oblige," said the game’s executive producer Dave Thompson.

"Topping the European charts was a great surprise for all of us here at Eutechnyx, and we’d just like to say a big thank you to all the fans who bought the game and continue to support us.”

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