Natal and Move wont save retail

Though Sony and, in particular, Microsoft are selling their upcoming motion sensing controllers as brand new console platforms, one analyst has said that the motion revolution will not get retail out of its current hole.

Specifically, only a brand new generation of machines will be enough to reverse retail’s dwindling fortunes.

The key reason for the turbulence beginning to beset the industry is the ongoing slowdown in consoles,” Klosters Trading analyst Lutz Muller told MCV. According to NPD, console sales have been in negative territory each month since March 2009.

The retailers attribute one major reason to this development – consumers are holding back and are waiting for the next generation of consoles that will provide a true 3D capability and faster downloads to become available sometime late 2013.

The introduction later this year of Natal and Move is not expected to make a basic difference.”

GAME chairman Peter Lewis told MCV last month that hardware launches such as Natal and Move need” GAME if they wish to succeed on the market.

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