Nathan Drake handed Star Trek 2 role

Nolan North, the most prolific game voice over provider in the galaxy, has been handed a role in upcoming Paramount flick Star Trek 2.

He was handed the role by director J J Abrams who is a huge fan of his work as the voice of Naughty Dog’s Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series.

"The reason I did that movie – it’s a very small role – but it’s because he and his son are huge fans of Uncharted,” North told Eurogamer. I met him doing some work on Super 8 and he said ‘We’re doing Start Trek, you wanna do it?’ And I said I’d love to.”

North went on to discuss the increasing impact that games are having in other creative mediums.

"[J J Abrams is] a huge fan of gaming and he was telling me how people just don’t understand [the medium] yet, but they’re going to catch up,” North added.

They don’t understand how amazing this technology is and it doesn’t get the respect it deserves, but if it keeps making the money it makes you’re going to see more and more people converted.

"I mean, Gary Oldman, one of the greatest actors on the planet, did Call of Duty. He wouldn’t have done it ten years ago. It’s a new age dawning, and I’m just really proud to be part of it."

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