NeoGAF owner turns down $10m buyout offer

NeoGAF owner Tyler Malka has revealed he has recently declined $5m and subsequent $10m buyout offers for the long-established gaming-focused internet forum.

VG247 reports Malka revealed to the site in an interview earlier this month that he had rejected offers of up to $5m. A recent post on a NeoGAF thread reveals that top offer has since doubled to $10m.

While Malka simply states on the thread offer doubled since,” he provided more insight into why he has turned down every deal pitched his way so far:

It was about … maybe last year, is when major corporate buy-out offers really started to hit on a regular basis. That’s right around the time that I sort of investigated – out of curiosity – what sort of deal they’re actually offering here, because they talk figures right from the start.

I investigated; I went through the process a little bit, gave them some information to evaluate – and then I got the – talking about, like, the 5 million dollar range sort of offer.

When you’re getting into that range – ‘retire comfortably and take care of everybody you care about for the rest of your life’ – sort of money, then you really have to decide what the most important thing to you is. Do you feel like you’ve accomplished all you want to accomplish or not?

You can keep on doing things, obviously, after cashing out, but you can’t keep doing what… y’know, what you got to that level of success with. Like, I’d still be running NeoGAF, I’d still be in control of it. Eventually I would probably leave it behind and move onto some other project that I would actually have control over again – and I wasn’t really comfortable with making that decision.”

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