Cevat Yerli warns that tablets are catching up

New consoles are overdue, says Crytek founder

The industry is long overdue for a new generation of consoles, says Crytek founder Cevat Yerli.

As the specs on tablets climb to ever-more impressive benchmarks, Yerli said consoles could fall behind.

"We can’t comment on or even speculate as to when, or if, the next generation will be announced, Yerli told VG24/7, "but we think that it’s time for the next generation and we think that it’s overdue already."

The Crytek CEO cautioned that further delays could have damaging effects on the console market as a whole, which he thinks is in danger of losing its first choice status for gaming.

"The current generations are drying out and the longer we wait for the next generation of consoles, the higher the likelihood that they could fall behind tablets in terms of being the first thing people reach for when the time comes to play games,” he warned.

“Tablets are putting pressure on the gaming industry, and taking over in some ways, so that should be kept in mind.”

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