New Driver "lighter, more humorous"

As well as rebooting the series, Driver: San Francisco will differ from its predecessors in another key way – it’s going to be a lot funnier.

"We have focused back on the original core feel of Driver, that sense of being down in the thick of a street level Hollywood car chase and all of the exhilaration that comes with that," the co-founder of developer Reflections Martin Edmondson told MCV.

"Driver is unique in that respect actually and it’s great having people play the game and declare ‘Driver is definitely back’. Other games have encouraged us, though, to take a lighter, more humorous approach to the game and character dialogue – Driver in the past was always pretty serious – and that seems to be going down well with people.

"But the other side to ‘competing’ is innovation, both technically and with gameplay, something Reflections has always strived to do. Whilst maintaining the familiarity and feeling of past Driver games, Shift [which lefts players ‘possess’ and jump between cars] is something totally unique to the driving genre."

To read MCV’s detailed analysis of the return of the Driver brand, as well as an interview with Reflections co-founders Martin and Gareth Edmondson, click here.

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