New Final Fantasy ‘will rule PSP

Square Enix is confident that Dissidia Final Fantasy will outperform all of the series’ previous entries on PSP.

The upcoming beat-‘em-up has already met success in Japan, and now the publisher is sure it will set new records in the UK, surpassing that of its predecessors such as the 2008 smash hit, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core was the PSP’s summertime smash for last year. Thanks to Dissidia’s strength of narrative and solid fighting mechanics, it manages to remain essential to the Final Fantasy hardcore whilst still becoming the definitive beat-‘em-up for PSP,” Square sales director Doug Bone told MCV.

This has already been reflected in Japan, where despite RPGs being the dominant genre, Dissidia has outsold Crisis Core considerably and we have no doubt that this will be reflected in the UK, where pre-orders are tracking even higher than initial expectations.”

Pre-orders are expected to increase further with the recent announcement of a collector’s edition. This will include a copy of the game, unique clamshell packaging, and a special soundtrack CD.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a milestone release for Square Enix,” added senior product manager Adrian Arnese.

With its crossover of heroes, villains and other key elements from across the Final Fantasy series, Dissidia Final Fantasy is a unique and very special celebration of the brand.”

Square Enix is following a similar marketing plan to the one that made Crisis Core such a strong seller last year. A heavyweight TV campaign will run from the game’s release, with 20-second creatives reaching over two million 16 to 34 year-old males through terrestrial and satellite channels.

This will be complemented by print ads running for three months in both specialist gaming and movie publications. Online advertising will begin a month ahead of release. An outdoor poster campaign will run on the London Underground, targeting commuters post-launch.

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