Site set up by industry veterans gets community involved in everything from conception to release

New ‘gamified’ crowdfunding platform BrightLocker launching next year

A fresh take on the crowdfunding model is due to go live in early 2016 and claims to ‘gamify’ the process of bringing titles to market.

What this translates to is a site where the backers are more actively involved with the game’s development, with opportunities to contribute beyond just reaching the initial funding goals.

The new platform, BrightLocker, allows consumers to pitch game ideas for the rest of the community to vote on. The most popular ideas will then be prototyped and developed by the BrightLocker team.

BrightLocker employs a wide variety of long-running execs and developers, with shared experience from companies such as Electronic Arts, Blizzard, BioWare and Sony. They will interact with the backers to get their feedback on the project’s progression and involve them in playable testing.

Consumers that contribute significantly to the process – and not just the funding – will be rewarded along the way, with prizes ranging from physical goodies to digital currency. The ‘gamification’ aspect rears its head here with some rewards including achievements on the site.

BrightLocker is now accepting registrations for a Closed Beta, which begins early next month. The full site will go live in ‘early 2016’.

“In the traditional crowdfunding model for videogames, consumers play the role of a pay-and-pray bystander, often backing games that never get made,” said CEO Ruben Cortez. “BrightLocker will ensure that every game that gets funded actually gets made and published. We will engage with users throughout the entire development process, giving gamers the chance to imagine, choose, create, play and even earn money.”

It’s a bold claim given the high-profile controversies surrounding crowdfunded titles, such as the cancelled Yogscast game and the still-in-development Godus from 22Cans.

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