New GP2X handheld revealed

Game Park Holdings has unveiled its latest iteration of its Korean-developed open-source handheld, the

GP2X Wiz


The machine packs a bright 2.8-inch OLED touch-sensitive 320×240 QVGA screen and a 533MHz processor – which compares favourably with the PSP’s 333MHz CPU. It also boasts a built-in mic and expandable SD memory slot to accompany its internal 1GB of storage. The dual-joypad machine is designed not only for gaming but also for video and music playback.

As well as the promise of new games every month, the machines comes equipped with 12 games built in – including shooter Myride, bingo title Blingo2008, psychedelic puzzler BoomShine2X, desktop defence game Square Tower Defence and the frankly the wonderfully titled Snake on Dope.

In keeping with the confusing history of the machine which saw original company Game Park Holdings split into two, different outlets are currently quoting different information on the upcoming machine. The German GP2X site features the Wiz prominently, whereas the UK portal is instead championing an alternative handheld – the Pandora.

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