New GTA5 screenshots: Skydiving, high-speed pursuits, and a Gatlin gun

Rockstar Games has quietly released ten new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto 5, and while there’s no press release accompanying them, the images themselves speak volumes.

While one image shows a pier at night with lightening striking down from the sky, another features an urban skyline at dusk, showing off the game’s day and night lighting.

High speed pursuits are also featured. One image shows a sports car speeding down a highway at night, while a police chopper turns the spotlight on it. Another image sees a character hanging off the side of a car and shooting at his pursuers. It would be interesting if players were allowed to do this while one of the other protagonists took the wheel.

There’s also a couple of shots of deep sea diving and skydiving, both of which have been shown before, but what we haven’t seen before is the Gatling gun, which is shown here in the hands of protagonist Franklin.

Check out all ten screenshots here.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is scheduled for release on 17th September for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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