New-look Xbox 360 available now… if you can find it

Microsoft last week announced a new-look redesigned Xbox 360 that we were told was available straight away.

Have you seen one on the High Street yet?

Because MCV hasn’t. Nor can it find anyone that has.

In fact, after having a quick look online we found that just GAME and Amazon have the new hardware in stock. Both are currently selling the 4GB SKU for 149.99.

Amazon, incidentally, is listing it as the Xbox 360 E 4GB. The machine’s last redesign was for a period referred to as the Xbox 360 S.

The 250GB SKU, however, remains MIA. has a page for it but it offers no price or estimated release date.

Sadly, a word with Microsoft PR hasn’t shed much light on the situation either. A spokesperson told us: It will ship in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and Australia starting Tuesday June 11th. It will launch in other regions this fall, with exact dates to be confirmed later.”

The spokesperson was unable to offer any further clarification.

It may well be that the new hardware will appear as and when retail has to re-order stock, with the old SKUs being phased out according to demand. Or not. We don’t know. Because we can’t get a straight answer. Sorry.

What’s for tea?

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