New MMA game enters the fray

505 will publish Kung Fu Factory’s ‘unofficial and proud’ MMA game, Supremacy, on PS3 and Xbox 360 in June.

The studio gleefully describes the game as ‘bloody and brutal’ and claims that whilst it lacks the backing and branding of the sports chief governing body, UFC, it delivers a grittier, more realistic and story driven experience.

The firm’s CEO Ricci Rukavina stressed that this is a positive rather than a negative: When you work within the confines of a brand, there’s lots of things that you have to adhere to and there are lots of restrictions. There are always a whole load of ‘No’s.

We’re unlicensed for sure, but also unrestricted and uncompromising. That’s the better deal for a gamer. We’re focused on making the best gameplay experience, not worrying about getting the size of fighter’s nose right.”

He also claimed to have found the perfect publishing partner in 505: This sort of title can be a game-changer for a publisher.

It can change their fortunes and our fortunes as long as it’s not only developed right but also published right.

We didn’t want to go to a huge publisher that’s going to swallow it up, we want someone to concentrate on it and make it something substantial.

So far it’s the best developer/publisher relationship I’ve ever been involved in – and I think that’s because everybody believes we’re creating something special here.”

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