New open-world Spider-Man game in development

A brand new Spider-Man game that promises to recapture the magic of 2005’s Spider-Man 2 has been revealed by Activision.

Harking back to one of Marvel’s classic Spider-Man IPs, The Amazing Spider-Man will be released alongside the new movie in 2012.

However, while the combination of Spidey and a Hollywood film is often a recipe for a digital disaster, the publisher’s treatment of this new game gives plenty of scope for optimism.

Amazing Spider-Man will return to the foundations laid by 2005’s Spider-Man 2, which broke new ground in the open-world superhero genre.

It is being developed by Beenox but, interestingly, a dedicated team is said to be have working on this title independently of other releases. The promise is a far higher quality title than we’ve seen in recent years, with innovations being touted both in the way in which Spidey traverses the city and mid-air combat.

Its narrative will also not be tied to that of Marvel’s new movie.

The web-crawler’s latest video game outing, Spider-Man: Edge of Time debuted in the UK charts in 39th this week.

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