New PS4 is quieter and cooler than current model

Sony’s updated PS4 design is quieter than the existing model and generates less heat.

That’s according to Eurogamer, which has examined the findings of a Pocket News report.

The PS4 redesign was quietly revealed by at FCC filing last month. Although on the surface it looks much the same as the current PS4 (bar some rearranging of the rear ports and some subtle tweaks to the case’s plastic finish), the CUH-1200 makes several internal tweaks that serve to make the device far more efficient.

Out are the 16 separate 512MB memory modules and in are eight 1GB modules. So while it’s still 8GB overall, the halving of the number of units offers an energy saving. The CPU appears to still be a 28nm build, although a new designation points to further designs changes.

Also altered is the arrangement of the components, and the Blu-ray drive has been replaced with what the site describes as a simpler” design. The power supply is completely changed, however, with the new unit being 80g lighter and drawing less power.

All of which leads to a reduction in standby power consumption of between 30-50 per cent. Power consumption while idling in the menu is down by 11 per cent, while in-game power draw is down by around 18 per cent.

Aside from the cost savings, this also means the new console is a lot quitter than the current model, with noise output reduced by about 5dB.

The CUH-1200 is currently only available in Japan and there’s not yet any word on when it will start arriving in the UK.

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