New Red Faction coming March 2011

The sequel to popular third person Red Faction: Guerrilla is scheduled for a March 2011 release, according to reports from GDC.

THQ’s executive VP of core games Danny Bilson, who was interviewed by Joystiq, said: The new game is being taken to a whole new place and kind of goes back to the old Red Faction, because about 80 per cent of it is underground.”

According to Joystiq, Bilson aims to expose more gamers to the series by giving away Red Faction: Guerrilla with copies of Darksiders in the US.

He said: Giving away the stock now, on Red Faction, is getting more people exposed to the IP because we’re going bigger on Red Faction next time.

"If the game wasn’t so good, we wouldn’t be giving it away at all."

Red Faction’s fourth entry in the franchise is not yet named, but is expected to be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in March 2011.

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