New Street Fighter V stage banned from Capcom Pro Tour play

Earlier this month the Street Fighter V team launched a new DLC stage called Skies of Honor, but it has now been banned in pro play.

The stage takes place on the wings of a flying plane, the wings, which are the foreground, remain static but the background sees the plane fly through the streets of Dubai and is constantly moving.

This constant movement has been deemed as too distracting for pro players and as a result the stage will not be played at the upcoming Capcom Cup 2016, the big end of year tournament for Street Fighter V, or during the 2017 Capcom Pro Tour.

Due to being too distracting for tournament play, the #SFV Skies of Honor stage will not be used for Capcom Cup 2016 and the CPT2017 Season,” read a tweet from the official Capcom Fighters account.

The only two other stages to be banned by tournament organisers are the training stage as it gives pro’s spacing information and Kanzuki Family Beach which sees waves occasionally cover parts of the screen.

The Capcom Cup takes place on December 2nd and 3rd at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, California. The winner we will crowned as the first ever Street Fighter V World Champion.

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