UK studio man explains why THQ turned two studios towards XBLA, PSN and iPhone

New THQ digital push ‘a boost for creativity’

News that THQ has transformed two of its key studios into developers of digital distribution content might have surprised some last night.

But Colin Bell, MD of the UK studio THQ Digital Warrington, says the move means his development team can deliver new ideas and support established franchises much better.

Last night THQ announced the creation of two new digital games studios out of its Juice Games and Rainbow studios, now called THQ Digital Warrington and THQ Digital Phoenix respectively.

The two are charged with working on PSN, XBLA and iPhone games – and Warrington specifically is developing a new online community system for all of THQ’s future titles.

This new strategy will mean THQ’s games have a better chance of going well instead of simply banking on the competitive retail space, said Bell.

Previously, the studio formerly known as Juice worked on big budget racing titles for all formats.

On the new strategy, he explained to Develop: "The issue we have I think is that there are plenty of good ideas for games but not all good ideas will make a good premium priced game. Some will and THQ will continue to invest and compete with products like Darksiders and UFC.

"Why throw away those other good game play ideas when you can make a cracking experience and price it accordingly? That’s one of the things we intend to do, it’s a boost for creativity and it’s a key benefit of the digital market.

"Another is to deliver a different experience to sustain and build our core brands."

And what about the aforementioned community platform Warrington is developing that will soon be wrapped into all of THQ’s upcoming games?

Although details are still closely guarded, Bell said the thinking was to increase player satisfaction with THQ’s games.

"We’ve not announced any details of the community platform but the value is in increased game play and better experience for the player. Without that there’s no point in any platform."

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