New trademark sparks PlayStation Vita 3000 chatter

Sony could be on the cusp of announcing a third iteration of its Vita handheld.

As spotted by NeoGaf, a trademark apparently filed by Sony Computer Entertainment on April 1st (yes, we know) for a controller for portable LCD screen game machine” shows what very much appears to be a new iteration of the Vita.

Firm details are non-existent beyond the pictures included in the patent. Some of the more optimistic onlookers have pointed to some of the dotted lines seen in the image below in the hope that they may represent the inclusion of L2 and R2 buttons – which would be a dream come true for those who use the device to Remote Play their PS4 games.

It also looks as if the unit might include an HDMI port (presumably for video out), suggesting it may also function as a pseudo replacement for the troubled PlayStation TV.

Going by the forums, the most commonly requested new features include an SD Card (probably Micro) port instead of Sony’s proprietary Vita memory cards, improved battery life and the re-introduction of an OLED screen.

The first version of the Vita did included an OLED screen, but Sony ditched it in favour of a cheaper LCD screen for 2013’s Vita Slim.

So, does this mark the beginning of the pre-E3 silly season?

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