Next-gen price wars continue as GameStop drops PS4 below £300

The somewhat surprising UK next-gen price war has intensified with one major retailer dropping the PS4 to below 300.

GameStop is currently selling the white PS4 for just 299.97. And with Christmas still several weeks away, the question now is how far things will go as the next-gen consoles battle for UK supremacy?

Microsoft cut the price of Xbox One to just 329.99 in late September, only for Sony to match it just days later. At the time that represented a 100 saving over the Xbox One launch price and 50 off the day one price of PS4.

The price war is somewhat unexpected, with both machines performing pretty well in the UK.

The pricing contest appears to be driven by Microsoft’s determination to make up lost ground this Christmas, with the platform holder spurred on by what it believes is a better first party line-up and recent sales successes on the back of key software launches.

Sony clearly isn’t resting on its laurels, however, and seems intent on matching Microsoft move-for-move.

So the question now is whether Microsoft will partner up with any key retailers for a sub-300 Xbox One offer of its own?

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