Next PS4 update adds long requested Folders feature

Almost three years after its release, Sony is finally adding one of the most commonly requested features to the machine.

Users have since the console’s arrival asked for the ability to sort their games library into folders. Until now, games appear in an uncustomisable list along the device’s XMB user interface. However, users will be able to sort their apps into custom groups.

There will also be other changes to the Library, with new subgroups such as ‘Purchased’ now appearing. Priority will also be given to games and apps that are currently installed, while new sorting options will also be added.

PS4’s 4.00 update will also bring with it various UI improvements and an overhauled Quick Menu (accessed by holding down the PlayStation button on the controller) which now takes up a lot less of the screen. The Share Menu has also been changed, while Twitter video clips can now be as long as 140 seconds.

4.00 will roll out to successful beta applicants shortly, with a full release to follow.

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