Next Yakuza is a zombie shooter

When Sega published a teaser image for the fifth instalment in the Yakuza series carrying just two words – ‘The End’ – everybody presumed that the popular Japanese gangster series was coming to close.

But it seems that the truth is far, far stranger.

Siliconera reports that Yakuza: Of The End is in fact, of all things, a zombie shooter, backing up seemingly far-fetched mumblings that had appeared on Twitter yesterday.

Set in Kamurocho, the game sees what is known as the Japanese Self Defence Force being overrun by legions of the undead. Series stars Kazuma, Goro, Ryuji and Shun are also at hand to fend off their supernaturally animated opposition, and will be able to customise guns and weapons.

It all sounds a bit Dead Rising.

It also looks as if the game isn’t going to be a numbered instalment in series, and that yakuza 5 may well appear at a later date.

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