NGP: Sony considered 3D for new handheld

While the NGP is undoubtedly a technical powerhouse, there is one technology notable by its absence from the spec sheet – 3D.

It’s a notable decision for two reasons. Firstly, Sony has done more than any other tech company to push home 3D technology across its PlayStation, Bravia and content arms. Secondly, Nintendo’s next handheld is built around the premise of portable 3D gaming.

But SCEE president Andrew House says the company put some serious thought into including the tech into the device.

"We view 3D as having the greatest potential, in the near term, in what I would call a dedicated entertainment environment," he told Eurogamer.

"And that’s in the home, around the television, and where it’s a shared experience. I think that’s really important. We struggle a little bit to see how that 3D, shared experience translates to portable devices as they currently stand.

"In the development process, we had studied the possibility of introducing stereoscopic 3D feature to NGP, but decided not to install it. After careful consideration of our goal of offering users the ultimate portable entertainment experience with a revolutionary user interface we have decided to focus on the features and specs announced today first."

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