NGP still on track for 2011

The Next Generation Portable will be launched in 2011.

That’s the unwavering message from Sony, which according to Andriasang made the following statement to investors earlier today:

"Regarding NGP, we’re progressing with preparations towards a release at the end of the year."

The firm also insisted that PSN is still on track for a return by the end of May.

Speculation about the machine’s launch date has been rife ever since it was first announced. At some stages Sony had apparently confirmed a launch in at least one territory this year.

However, the platform holder has also distanced itself from claims and going to particular effort to dampen hopes of a global launch.

MCV has even been lead to believe that Europe could be the one territory to get the machine this side of Christmas, though at this stage that remains nothing more than industry gossip and rumour.

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