'Understand your craft, and then come back to us,' says Fils-Aime

Nintendo: 3DS isn’t for unproven indies

Nintendo has further clarified how it chooses to partner with the new generation of independent game creators, following the firm’s divisive claim that it wouldn’t be working with ‘garage’ developers.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime told Joystiq that its new 3DS system is not catered for unproven talent, and advised inexperienced indies to cut their teeth on other systems.

"We’ve been clear that we want to work with independent developers who understand this business, who have experience in this business," Fils-Aime said.

Fils-Aime’s new claim comes days after his previous suggestion that Nintendo “is not looking to do business today with the garage developer”.

Asked by Joystiq on the distinction between ‘indie’ and ‘garage’ developer, Fils-Aime went on to explain:

"[Indies we want to work with] are people who spent time working with larger publishers and larger developers, but had that idea in the back of their head that they needed to bring to life.

"These are talented developers,” he added.

“That’s different from the person who envisions themselves as a developer, but actually hasn’t necessarily created anything, who doesn’t necessarily understand what it takes in this business to create compelling content. That’s where we draw the line."

He said Nintendo would pursue developers who meet this criterion, in a new bid to create an external developer ecosystem – something that the company has historically struggled with despite its successes.

"I’ll tell you, if someone calls us tomorrow who has no experience in the gaming industry, but has a passion and has a great idea, our perspective would be, ‘great, but get some experience. Understand your craft, and then come back to us,’" Fils-Aime said.

Elsewhere in the Joystiq article, Reggie spoke of competition with the NGP and the need to improve Nintendo’s digital game services.

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