Continued Touch Generations success keeps Nintendo at top of our monthly chart

Nintendo continues to dominate UK developer rankings

We’ve just updated our exclusive monthly developer chart, which shows yet another month of Nintendo’s impressive reign over UK retail.

The chart is based on the sale of studios’ games at UK retail in the month of January and is supplied by Chart-Track, just like our yearly Develop 100 report.

Gone are the days when we could exclaim surprise at Nintendo’s number one position in our developer chart, but rest assured: the days when we can open with lack of surprise at Nintendo’s number one position in our developer chart are definitely showing no signs of abating.

Nevertheless, there is surprise in store for those people who say that only Nintendo’s first party software that sells on its platforms: while their chunk of the market is indeed impressive, the sales data shows that its hold over the DS market is roughly a quarter, leaving three quarters of the pie left for third party publishers. Of course, it’s a market share the other two platform holders would kill for, but it’s not nearly a proportion large enough to validate some claims – especially when you take into account that the percentage of first-party sales on Wii is said to be lower still.

It’s not just Nintendo that retains its spot, though – in fact, all of our top five remain unchanged from last month, attesting to the continued popularity of titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty 4 and FIFA 08, all of which were shifting impressive amounts even last year.

That, or it’s down to the post-Christmas lull – the industry’s equivalent of that slothful sofa sprawl after the big turkey feast – which is evidenced by this month’s only new entry being Criterion with their slightly tardy Burnout Paradise. Still, it’s driven the EA studio to a respectable seventh position despite only being on sale for six days of the month and, while we’re not usually ones for predictions, it’s a fairly safe bet that next month will see Criterion performing even better as the title enjoys more shelf time.

Traveller’s Tales once again proves to be one of the best-faring UK studios in our chart, still riding high on the success of their Lego Star Wars compendium – and with super-licences Lego Batman, Lego Indiana Jones and Prince Caspian all set to roll out in the future, the studio’s brand is something we’re likely to see as much of this year as we did last.

To see the chart in full, click here.

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