Satoru Iwata details new strategy for local creation of mass-market titles

Nintendo developing new Touch Generation games in Europe and US

Speaking as part of the earnings call following Nintendo’s Q3 results, company president Satoru Iwata announced that the company is developing Touch Generations titles in Europe and in the US.

Although all of the Touch Generations titles have performed well across the world, up until now they have all been developed in Japan. But as Nintendo seeks to increase its market share even further, it’s looking to foreign developers to provide content that may strike a chord with Western culture.

"As we strive for the expansion of gaming population worldwide," he said, "we are also thinking of developing products that cater to the American or European markets."

"We are actually working on U.S. and Europe-originated Touch Generations products, which may have a smaller demand in Japan than overseas. I can not tell if it will go well or not at this moment. I think one or two of these initial trials will reach the market within this year. If they actually flourish, I think our strategy will have to take the next step."

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