Cheaper portable console to launch on October 12th

Nintendo ditches 3D with new 2DS handheld

Nintendo has just unveiled a new handheld console, the 2DS.

The portable is part of the 3DS range of systems, and has been released as a more affordable version of the popular handheld.

The console keeps the same controls but ditches the use of 3D.

The hardware also has a new look, and no long allows users to fold it shut. It will still play all packaged and downloadable 3DS games and DS games, but will only play them in 2D.

The Nintendo 2DS will be launched on October 12th in Europe, the same day as Pokemon X and Y.

The handheld console will retail for £109.99 ($129.99), and comes in two colour schemes, white and red, and black and blue.

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