But Traveller's Tales, Codemasters and Sora put up a fight

Nintendo reclaims Develop Chart top spot

While the top spot might have reverted back to its pre-GTA IV holder, there’s a surprising amount of movement in our monthly developer chart, especially from smaller studios.

The chart, which is exclusive to Develop and extrapolated from ChartTrack’s world-renowned sales data, is based on revenues generated between May 25th and June 28th by games sold at UK retail, the third largest software market in the world.

Warner-owned Traveller’s Tales predictably fares well from releasing its Lego Indiana Jones game concurrently with the film, cashing in on the hype surrounding everyone’s favourite increasingly-withering archaeologist. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the wide appeal of TT’s Lego series makes the game appeal beyond the usual movie tie-in buying audience, either.

Also riding high in the charts, and jumping a whopping 85 places, is Codemasters, thanks to the commercial and critical success of Race Driver: GRID. Also re-entering is Hudson, which returns to the chart in position 16 on the performance of Sports Island on the Wii, proving that people can’t get enough waggle sport clones.

It’s also a good month for new entries into the charts, with a whopping five fresh-faced studios enjoying their moment in the (UK) sun. Japanese independent Sora, whose first game – the massive Super Smash Bros. Brawl – has been extensively promoted by Nintendo, gets this month’s Highest New Entry gong as it punches its way to seventh place.

EA DICE has been a Bad Company this month, but nevertheless has dun’ well to come in at number nine, while Tomonobu Itagaki’s resignation from Tecmo and subsequent suing of the company wasn’t enough to dent enthusiasm for hyper-gory hack’n’slashing, with Team Ninja’s Ninja Gaiden 2 ninja-sneaking into 13th position.

Further towards the rear but no less deserving of praise comes Firaxis in 18th place, whose Civilization Revolution would appear to validate the toned-down console take on the famous PC strategy series. Bringing up the rear in at 20th is French outfit Pam Development, which released Top Spin 3 amongst Wimbledon fever to capitalise on the nation’s strawberries-and-cream cravings.

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