Nintendo to ramp up hardware shipments

Nintendo to ramp up hardware shipments

More Wii and DS consoles on the way, global installed base figures confirmed

Nintendo’s latest first quarter financial results reveal that the firm has revised its Wii and DS shipments upwards for the fiscal year ending March 31st 2008.

Nintendo now plans to ship 16.5 million consoles compared to its original pledge to deliver 14 million consoles by March 31st 2008. Wii software shipments will also receive a boost from 55 million up to 72 million.

It’s the same story with DS – having previously promised to deliver 22m consoles by the end of the fiscal year, Nintendo plans to deliver 26 million, while software production is ramped up to 140m units.

The platform holder also confirmed the worldwide installed bases for DS and Wii at the end of June. Wii hardware has already reached 9.27m since its launch in December, while star performer the DS has reached a staggering 47.27m.

The platform holder also revealed its sales figures for the Q1 period – read more here.

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