Ninth studio announces Warhammer licensing deal

Canadian developer Roadhouse Interactive has become the latest studio to get its hands on an official Warhammer license.

The company has reached an agreement with Games Workshop to make a side-scrolling Space Marine game for smartphones and tablets.

The work we have seen to-date from Roadhouse makes us extremely confident that this new mobile title will be a fantastic addition to the range of digital games we are building,” Games Workshop’s head of licensing Jon Gillard stated.

We are extremely pleased that Tarrnie and the guys at Roadhouse Interactive, who are both veteran developers and very familiar with our IP, are going to help expand the Warhammer 40,000 universe into the hands of mobile gamers with this unique take on it.”

MCV revealed last week that games Workshop has struck deals with seven development partners in the last nine months alone for games based on the various Games Workshop brands.

Today’s deal with Roadhouse is the ninth we know of, joining existing agreements with Creative Assembly, Slitherine, Zattikka, Rodeo, Full Control, Cynanide and Nomad Games. EA’s Mythic studio is closing down its F2P Warhammer title at the end of the month.

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