Nipples and penises cut from Japanese versions of The Order: 1886

It has emerged that some sexually suggestive content has been cut from the Japanese version of PS4 title The Order: 1886.

Kotaku reports that a scene – which takes place in a brothel, incidentally – that in the standard release featured both an exposed breast and a penis has been altered in the Japanese version to exclude both.

Instead, gamers see a close up of the woman’s face, cutting her breast from the shot. And the previously au naturel man in question instead finds himself wearing a pair of fetching red pyjama bottoms.

There’s a video here comparing the two. We haven’t embedded it in case, y’know, you’re Japanese or something.

In addition, there also appears to be evidence that nipples have been cut altogether from the title – which makes some scenes that still feature breasts look kind of odd.

While Japan is quite liberal with the sexual content allowed in much of its media (as any anime fan will tell you) it is quite common for censors to take the hammer to violence and nudity in games.

The Order: 1886, meanwhile, is quite notable for the stance it took toward nudity and gender equality. While exposed female bodies are no rarity in games, penises are far scarcer.

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