No 3D performance knock for Crysis 2

At Microsoft’s Xbox 360 showcase last night EA made the startling claim that Crysis 2 will not take any sort of performance knock when its 3D mode is enabled.

In many previous 3D games users have had to endure a drop in visual detail, resolution and often framerate compared to the same titles played in regular 2D.

VG247 spoke to Crysis 2’s executive producer Nathan Camarillo who claimed that the title suffered "no performance hit" and that "the detail level and framerate are unaffected" when played in 3D.

"The 3D mode wasn’t just tacked on, but had been something the team had been working on for the past couple of years when 3DTV was really in its commercial infancy," he added.

Crytek also thinks it has successfully tackled the ‘dimming’ problem often experienced by 3D titles – that being with only half the image reaching each eye at any one point the brightness of the image dramatically reduces.

To combat this the studio has comply increased the gamma levels, effectively meaning the game is outputting more light.

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