â??There will be situations and scenes where people will pause,â?? says studio boss

No fear at Treyarch to build its own â??No Russianâ??

Call of Duty Black Ops studio Treyarch is building a game set around the Cold War period – and the developer suggested it won’t pull any punches in delivering an experience that’s faithful to the infamous and brutal era.

Treyarch’s previous game, World At War, set the tone with an execution in the opening salvo, and the brutality progressed as players were given the choice to engage in mass-execution using Molotov cocktails.

Speaking to Develop, Treyarch studio head Mark Lamia took a philosophical approach when asked if the group was aiming to replicate World At War’s emotional impact in Black Ops.

“I think it is absolutely part of what we do,” he said. “There will be situations and scenes where people will pause, and have to think about things.”

He added: “Also, I think some of the experiences in Black Operations are quite intimate. We don’t shy away from that.”

However, though the game may be peppered with its own controversies, Lamia insisted he wants to steer clear of replicating scenes and battles from the Vietnam war.

“We do want to understand what is real and what is authentic, and then we make a conscious decision to create the entertainment experience we want to make,” he said.

“And we want to create an environment and experience that people want to be in, not one… well, when people ask us ‘are you going to create a real war experience’ we say no, you wouldn’t want to get anywhere near that.”

Black Ops, set for release this year, is Treyarch’s first release since the studio changed policy to solely develop Call of Duty games.

With contemporary Infinity Ward out of the frame, Activision is likely overjoyed by the far-reaching positive response the Treyarch title is receiving.

The full interview can be found here.

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