No Online Pass for Crysis 2

Upcoming EA release Crysis 2 will break with the publisher’s recent tradition and not require a user to input an Online Pass code to access key features.

GamertagRadio reports that developer Crytek itself, which as a member of the EA Partners program was free to decide for itself, made the decision for two reasons.

Firstly, as the game marks the series’ debut on console it didn’t want to risk alienating any players. Secondly, at the time when the decision was taken the Online Pass programme was still in its infancy.

Of course, evidence that the Online Pass has any possible detrimental effect on sales is sporadic at least.

EA itself has unsurprisingly argued that consumers are in favour of the scheme while retail has not reported any drop off in pre-owned sales since their introduction.

Image source: GamertagRadio

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