No YouTube Xbox One clip sharing at launch

The Xbox One will not allow users to share their gameplay recordings on YouTube until some time next year.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello confirmed the Destructoid that at launch these clips will only be shared on Xbox Live. Facebook functionality will also be offered some time in the New Year.

It has also been confirmed that Xbox One can run four apps simultaneously in the background, with users quickly able to swap between them at any time using wither the controller of Kinect.

Note that only one game can be run at any given time.

Up to six registered Xbox Live users can be signed in simultaneously, with Kinect automatically signing people in through facial and voice recognition.

Once a user’s ID is registered Xbox One will automatically begin syncing accessible content from the cloud – and this functionality carries over between regions no matter where you are in the world.

Using Kinect the console will also change the ‘lead’ user of the machine at any given time by seeing who is holding the controller. So, for instance, even if you are at a friend’s house, if you tell Kinect to load a game it will do so using your settings and save game info pulled from the cloud.

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