Nolan Bushnell signs with Spil Games for three title deal

One of the founding fathers of video games is moving into mobile development thanks to a newly-inked partnership.

Nolan Bushnell is best known as one of the founders of Atari, the developer of iconic titles such as Pong, Breakout and Asteroids, as well as its eponymous line of home consoles. The 73-year-old has teamed up with Dutch outlet Spil Games to produce at least” three mobile games, which will seemingly put a focus on pushing the sector forwards with their innovation.

Spil will both develop and publish the titles, with Bushnell coming up with the initial concepts. The first release is planned for next year and, although just three games are covered by the deal, Bushnell expressed his desire to create from five to eight.

Develop has more detials.

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