Notch abandons 0x10c, says failures in development are OK

Sometimes a developer has to have the courage to walk away from a project, even at the risk of being labeled an under delivering visionary”, says Markus ‘Notch’ Persson.

As the creator of Minecraft, there was an awful lot of expectation placed on Persson’s next game 0x10c and an understandable amount of noise in the gaming press when he revealed he was no longer working on the title.

Ina new blog post, Persson has described why he decided to abandon space exploration sim 0x10c, and what he’s interested in doing next.

It was quite ambitious, but I was fairly sure I could pull it off,” he said. And besides, if I failed,so what? A lot of my prototypes fail way before they get anywhere at all.”

The pressure to deliver after releasing a sensation like Minecraft was more than anticipated, and Persson said this made it a lot harder to do what might need doing – to abandon the prototype.

Develop has more details.

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