Now Anonymous website is under attack

It has been right at the centre of the controversy surrounding the PSN outage, but now Anonymous has itself become the victim of cyber warfare.

The Financial Times reports that (which is currently inaccessible) has been defaced with obscenities. In addition, the names and details of some 500 Anonymous members were posted on the site for all to see.

Maybe this was due to happen," chief security officer for anti-virus firm F-Secure Mikko Hypponen stated. "Anonymous has been surprisingly functional over the last months. It wouldn’t last."

An apology from five Anonymous members referring to themselves as "the ‘Old’ AnonOps netstaff" briefly appeared, apologising for what it called all the "drama". A user called ‘Ryan’ was blamed fro the move and his personal details were posted online.

Some security professionals have also admitted to forwarding chat logs and IP address of Anonymous members to the FBI.

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