Now C&C4s DRM suffers problems

EA has had to endure a weekend of complaints following several reports that PC gamers trying to play recent release Command & Conquer 4 have been plagued with problems relating to the game’s DRM.

Only last week the publisher confirmed that it was to adopt new piracy protection measures that require players of the game to maintain a constant internet connection throughout, even if they are only playing the single player mode.

Similar measures were introduced by Ubisoft for its recent releases Assassin’s Creed II and Silent Hunter V. However, such was the unpopularity of the news that Ubisoft’s DRM servers came under repeated attack, leaving many users unable to play the games.

Though there’s no hint yet that EA has suffered an attack, a lot of noise has been made on the publisher’s forums over the weekend with many complaining that they’ve been unable to play C&C4 due to a number of server connection issues.

The problems do little to help publisher’s attempts to justify the strict DRM, with many pointing out that the more publishers impose restrictions on genuine copies of games, the more appealing restriction-free pirated editions become to potential buyers.

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