Firm will host a Friday, August 20th recruitment day for Realtime World staff

Now Sega’s Creative Assembly heads to Dundee

The Creative Assembly has joined Blitz and Activision in announcing plans to help staff from ailing Realtime Worlds.

Realtime Worlds went into administration yesterday, leaving 150 staff redundant.

Activision, Blitz and The Creative Assembly all run large UK games dev operations and are hoping to see if those staff suffering in the wake of RTW’s collapse might fit their studios.

It might seems mawkish to some, but rival studios stepping in to host local last-minute recruitment events to snaffle staff from closing studios is a regular practice in games development.

The Creative Assembly’s event is a special recruitment event at the Apex Hotel, City Quay, Dundee on Friday, August 20th.

"It’s upsetting when a fellow studio runs into trouble, and with current vacancies we’re in a position to help," a statement from the studio said.

Studio director of The Creative Assembly, Tim Heaton, added: "It’s always sad to hear that a fellow studio appears to be in trouble, particularly a UK based company like Realtime Worlds.

"Creative Assembly is keen to help, especially as we have current job vacancies. To this end, we will be running a special recruitment event in Scotland for those affected by this unfortunate news."

Creative Assembly is looking for staff to work on a new unannounced triple-A console game which it says is an "exciting new flagship SEGA game is green lit, fully funded and has a healthy development timeline in place".

The firm is also hunting staff for its Total War franchises.

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