Now Shadow of the Eternals launches a Kickstarter

Consumers now have two ways to help fund the ‘spiritual successor’ to cult GameCube title Eternal Darkness.

The controversial project went live with its own crowdfunding platform last week. It was subsequently revealed that Precursor Studios’ T&Cs allowed them to spend all ‘donations’ on whatever they liked with no legal commitment to repay them regardless of whether or not a game is eventually delivered.

This would not be the case were the project to run a Kickstarter, as those who use the popular crowdfunding platform only receive pledges if their game is successfully funded. They are also committed to spending funds on the development of the title.

Last week Precursor claimed that it decided against Kickstarter as it was only available in the UK and US – Precursor is Canadian.

What has changed between now and then is not clear, but a Kickstarter for the game has now been launched.

This may possibly be because Precursor’s initial efforts were not bearing fruit. At the time of writing the game has raised just $156,810 of its $1.5m goal. Its Kickstarter target is somewhat lower – $1.35m, of which it has currently raised $29,601. It has yet to attract pledges for any of its five highest tiers, though has received nine pledges of $500 or more.

Due to overwhelming popular demand, we are happy to announce that an official Kickstarter campaign has launched for Shadow of the Eternals,” a studio statement read. This gives potential pledgers even more options to contribute to the game.

Kickstarter will run in parallel with our existing website crowdfunding campaign. Those who have already supported on the Shadow of the Eternals website will be rewarded with an exclusive ‘Whateley Expose’, a digital collection of materials containing lore, manuscripts and clues that the Order of the Unseen has collected over the years. They will also be given an extra forum badge called ‘Resolute’ in acknowledgement of their fearless contributions.”

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