Now! That’s what I call marketing

Tubby Games has outlined the marketing push it hopes will take Now! That’s What I Call Music: Dance and Sing to the top the charts.

The campaign will come in the form of two competitions. The first – which Tubby says is worth an estimated 100,000 – lets consumers enter online by selecting their favourite tracks from the Now! game website. Four winners will receive 10,000 each and meet their favourite Now! artist before seeing them perform live.

The second competition encourages entrants to film themselves performing a song from the game. The winner will become the face of the ‘Now! family’ and have their performance flashed across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

He or she will also appear in a TV ad campaign targeting females aged between 16 and 34 years old, which runs from November 11th to December 22nd. 30-second ads will run on ITV during The X Factor, as well as on E4, Living, music TV channels and more.

Now That’s what I Call Music:?Dance and Sing arrives on Wii on November 25th.

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