NPD: 360 and Madden triumph in August

US mega franchise Madden is unsurprisingly the biggest seller in the US last month.

According to NPD, Over 1.8m copies of the American football title has been sold across PS3 and Xbox 360, a growth of almost six per cent compared to 2009.

"Madden NFL 2011 once again made August ‘Madden Month’ at retail," said NPD analyst Anita Frazier.

"The title was the best-selling game for the month combining sales of the five platforms it was released on, and bested the second best-selling game by a significant margin.

"Last August, we didn’t see as big of a sales gap between the first and second best-selling games. After Madden NFL ’10 last year, we had both Wii Sports Resort, and Batman Arkham Asylum, which both sold over 500K units in August 2009. This year the top 10 games sold 3.3 million units as opposed to 4.1 million for the top 10 last year."

The No.1 console platform for the month was Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s machine shifted 356,700 units last month, closely followed by Nintendo DS with 342,700 consoles sold. 244,300 units of Wii was shifted during August, while PS3 sales currently sit at 226,000. PSP is once again the weakest seller with 79,400 handhelds sold.

"The Xbox 360 was the top-selling hardware system for the second consecutive month, and the top-selling console system for the third consecutive month," added Frazier.

"While the system achieved significant year-over-year gains, sales softened versus what occurred in July. That said, with Halo: Reach coming to market next week, if hardware sales react in a similar fashion to what was experienced when Halo 3 was launched in September 2007, September could be a huge sales month for Xbox 360 hardware.

"The PS3 was the only current generation hardware system that realized a sales increase over July. The PS3 has now enjoyed 13 consecutive months of year-over year hardware sales increases and that momentum is reflected in the content and accessories categories as well.

"The Wii realized its lowest month since launch in hardware unit sales. With games like Wii Party or Disney Guilty Party which are fun family-oriented games that have worked so well for the Wii platform, we’ll see hardware unit sales increase."

Despite success for Madden and Xbox 360, it was a tough month for the US games industry. Hardware sales were down five per cent year-on-year while software sales were down 14 per cent compared to the year before.

The Full US Top Ten for August:

1: Madden NFL – Xbox 360
2: Madden NFL – PS3
3: Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Wii
4: Mafia II – 360
5: New Super Mario Bros – DS
6: New Super Mario Bros Wii – Wii
7: Mafia II – PS3
8: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Xbox 360
9: NCAA Football 11 – Xbox 360
10: Wii Fit Plus – Wii

Software sales do not factor in pre-owned, digital downloads, rental, subscription or mobile sales.

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