Nude Prince Harry leads to UK block on iOS game Hotel Vegas

Tagplay’s latest iOS release Hotel Vegas won’t be available to consumers in the UK.

And that’s because one of its many features is the inclusion of our very own Prince Harry. In the nude.

Why, you might ask? Back in August the second in line to the British throne was caught on camera frolicking with chums in a Las Vegas hotel room. In his birthday suit. Despite Royal appeals not to publish the pictures online their widespread internet availability led to a number of outlets doing just that.

PocketGamer reports that the game has already been banned in the UK ahead of its planned mid-December release on iOS and Android.

Tagplay says that it will seriously challenge the limits of acceptable parody and satire in mobile gaming". Harry isn’t the only celebrity parody to feature. There’s a long list including Arnold Governator, Oprah Windfall, Mel Drinksome, and Dim Kardashian.

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