Nvidia reveals ‘next-gen’ £827 GeForce GTX Titan graphics card

A new graphics card standard has been set and will be found lurking in the PCs of millionaires everywhere from later this month.

Nvidia has lifted the lid on its first consumer card based on its GK110 Nvidia Kepler design that can be found in the Titan supercomputer cluster. Which is perhaps why it has what can safely be described as a pretty high RRP” – 827, to be exact.

But if that won’t make a big enough dent on the family gold reserves, Nvidia says you can join three of the cards together via SLI for a 2,481 super setup that allows gamers to max out every visual setting without fear of a meltdown while playing any of the most demanding PC gaming titles”.

The specs are indeed impressive, although the highlight has to be the inclusion of high efficiency vapor chamber cooling”. Or arguably the 2,668 GPU cores.

GeForce GTX TITAN is a beast of a GPU – and the only one in the world powerful enough to play any game at any resolution at any time,” GeForce general manager Scott Herkelman stated.

And, yet, all of this immense power is housed in a sleek, sexy design, so gamers can also build beautifully-designed PC gaming machines about the size of a gaming console, yet magnitudes more powerful and always upgradeable.”

The GeForce GTX Titan will be available from February 25th.

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