Nyko PS4 expansion allows for the use of larger 3.5-inch hard drives

A new hardware add-on for PS4 allows users to install high-capacity larger 3.5-inch hard drives into their consoles.

The Nyko Data Bank plugs into the left hand side of the console and, for the price of some aesthetically bulkier but still stylistically consistent heft, lets owners insert a hard drive of their choosing, potentially drastically increasing the current 500GB storage limit.

Until now PS4 owners had been limited to using 2.5-inch laptop hard drives (unless of course they were willing to jump through a number of technical hoops detailed online) which are typically more expensive and offer less storage than 3.5-inch models.

External hard drives are already supported by the console but cannot be used for things such as game installations and save data. The Data Bank bypasses these restrictions as the console views the storage as ‘internal’.

Nyko has also revealed a Type Pad extension for the DualShock 4 which offers a full physical keyboard. Both devices are due out in the first half of this year.

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