‘Oban’, ‘Kryptos’ and ‘Thebes’ – the latest PS4 and Xbox 720 rumours

The safe money is on both Sony and Microsoft announcing their next-gen consoles next year, so expect the rumour mill to intensify from this point onwards.

VG247 has rounded up the latest batch of rumours that suggest new codenames for the mysterious hardware duo.

New reports have reaffirmed previous claims that Microsoft’s console will run on an AMD chip going under the codename of ‘Oban’ that was scheduled to go into mass production at the end of this year. However, component quality concerns have reportedly lead to a delay to the schedule.

It also adds that the current codename for the hardware is ‘Kryptos’, replacing the previously rumoured ‘Durango’.

Indeed, it’s not the first time we’ve heard of Xbox 720 production worries, with a report in September claiming that Oban yields were worse than painfully low” and a possible delay from the then rumoured September 2013 launch.

As for PS4, its internal codename is said to be ‘Thebes’ with AMD also providing the key components. Global Foundries or IBM are set to become the likely manufacturer, with a release supposedly set for 2014.

However, MCV is lead to believe that both PS4 and Xbox 720 are now squarely on track for a 2013 launch. And one of the pair could even be revealed before E3 in July.

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