The industry remembers the man behind Sega's last console marketing campaign

Obituary: Sega’s Dreamcast spokesman Charles Bellfield

Former Sega of America vice president Charles Bellfield died in San Francisco on Friday night after an illustrious career that included a key role in the launch of the Sega Dreamcast console.

Bellfield, a UK native, began his decades-long run in the games industry at NEC Electronics with subsequent roles at Codemasters, Capcom, and motion control pioneer companies EmotionPlay and 3DV Systems.

He most recently worked at internet radio firm Pure North America after leaving gaming behind.

Bellfield rose to fame when he helped NEC Electronics get its contract with Sega for the Dreamcast, and served as Sega’s spokesperson for the console’s launch.

Perhaps his most important work was done when as vice president of strategic planning and corporate affairs he, along with then Sega of America president Peter Moore, helped guide the company away from hardware production after the demise of the Dreamcast to its current role as a software outfit.

His passing resulted in an outpouring of grief and fond remembrances on Twitter and Facebook, including a post from his former boss, Moore.

"Together we would take on Sony, joust with EA, and even battle with our own parent company back in Tokyo," wrote Moore (now EA’s COO) in response to the Facebook post from Bellfield’s brother Edward.

"All with a sense of irreverence and good natured competitive spirit that Charlie and I believed embodied what Sega needed to be about. He was smart and mischievous, with a dry humor and a classic sense of right and wrong. Long after we parted ways at Sega, we were (and are) friends to the end. He was a friend and mentor to my children."

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